Reconstructing the Sutton Hoo Ship

Featured image: Constructing the ship © Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company Over the past 6 years, volunteers at the Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company have been working on an experimental archaeology project to build a replica of the famous ship excavated at Sutton Hoo. David Keeble, our guest writer for this week and Volunteer Coordinator at theContinue reading “Reconstructing the Sutton Hoo Ship”

Rendlesham behind the scenes: finishing off the post-excavation processing

Featured image: volunteer counting and weighing finds by category. Here is another update on the post-excavation work, as part of the Rendlesham Revealed project. As the post-excavation work continued throughout December, the tasks were shared amongst our volunteers so that everyone had a chance to learn some new skills. Some of our volunteers have neverContinue reading “Rendlesham behind the scenes: finishing off the post-excavation processing”

Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit

Featured Image: excavating enclosure, aerial view © Pre-Construct Archaeology A site with prehistoric remains has been excavated on the edge of Woolpit ahead of a housing development. Excavations have revealed some interesting prehistoric archaeology at Woolpit. The earliest finds included struck flint tools, flint-working waste and ‘Mildenhall Ware’ pottery sherds, broadly dating to the EarlyContinue reading “Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit”

Rendlesham behind the scenes: starting post-excavation processing

Featured image: Processing environmental samples to extract finds or ecofacts. Having finished the first season of excavations at Rendlesham this summer, our volunteers have started the post-excavation work on the excavated material at the Cotswold Archaeology warehouse in Needham Market, as part of our community archaeology project Rendlesham Revealed. The post-excavation process involves several differentContinue reading “Rendlesham behind the scenes: starting post-excavation processing”

Soil Samples from Rendlesham. What happens next?

Featured image: a soil sample after being processed into a thin section and analysed through a digital microscope. Volunteers from Suffolk Mind visited the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at University of Cambridge to find out more about how archaeological samples are processed there, as part of our community archaeology project Rendlesham Revealed. A geoarchaeologyContinue reading “Soil Samples from Rendlesham. What happens next?”

Continental imitation sterling penny, Fressingfield

A Continental imitation sterling penny of Gaucher of Chatillon was found by a local metal detector user near Fressingfield earlier this year. The obverse of the coin features a crowned bust and the legend reads GALChs COMES [P]Orc, which means Gaucher, Count of Porcien. The reverse of the coin features a long cross dividing theContinue reading “Continental imitation sterling penny, Fressingfield”

A multi-period site at Johnson’s Farm, Leiston

Featured Image: View north-west of the medieval farmstead complex © Pre-Construct Archaeology A multi-period site, with remains dating from the prehistoric to the post-medieval periods, has been excavated on the edge of Leiston ahead of a housing development. Although a number of Neolithic flints were found at the site, the earliest recorded archaeology was aContinue reading “A multi-period site at Johnson’s Farm, Leiston”

Geophysics Training, West Stow

Featured image: volunteers being trained how to conduct a survey using a hand-held bartington fluxgate gradiometer Volunteers were trained to undertake a geophysical survey to investigate archaeology in the Lark Valley, as part of the Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund In October, a geophysical surveyContinue reading “Geophysics Training, West Stow”

Investigating Archaeology in the Lark Valley

Featured image: aerial view of the reconstructed Anglo-Saxon buildings at West Stow near to the River Lark The Archaeological Service are investigating the hidden archaeology in the Lark Valley in West Suffolk as part of the Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The Lark Valley isContinue reading “Investigating Archaeology in the Lark Valley”

Miniature Socketed Axe, Sutton

A Late Iron Age to Roman miniature socketed axe found near Sutton. In this month’s Featured Find, we take you back to 2009 when this almost complete miniature socketed axe was recovered by a metal detector user. The axe is triangular in profile and has a socketed mouth with a single transverse mouth moulding. ItContinue reading “Miniature Socketed Axe, Sutton”