Miniature Socketed Axe, Sutton

A Late Iron Age to Roman miniature socketed axe found near Sutton. In this month’s Featured Find, we take you back to 2009 when this almost complete miniature socketed axe was recovered by a metal detector user. The axe is triangular in profile and has a socketed mouth with a single transverse mouth moulding. ItContinue reading “Miniature Socketed Axe, Sutton”

New discoveries of Suffolk’s Anglo-Saxon past unearthed in the Deben Valley

Featured image: volunteers from Suffolk Young Carers excavating the cellar of an Anglo-Saxon hut. Archaeological excavation near Rendlesham is adding to Suffolk’s rich history, with archaeologists uncovering evidence of settlement and community 1,400 years ago at the time of the earliest East Anglian kings. The discoveries have come as part of the community archaeology projectContinue reading “New discoveries of Suffolk’s Anglo-Saxon past unearthed in the Deben Valley”

Week 6 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: volunteers excavating and Cotswold Archaeology recording the archaeological features. We have just finished the sixth and final week of the Rendlesham Revealed excavations. It was a busy week for the volunteers, finishing off digging and recording the archaeology, processing the finds and completing the fieldwalking. Joining the team for one of the daysContinue reading “Week 6 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Week 5 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: volunteers from Rendlesham Primary School learning how to clean the finds During week 5 of the Rendlesham Revealed excavations, our hard-working volunteers continued to excavate and record the archaeology across the site. We have made excellent progress and have taken more samples for environmental analysis. Interesting finds this week included a spindle whorlContinue reading “Week 5 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Week 4 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: volunteers excavating a sunken-featured building Throughout week 4 our volunteers continued excavating, recording and sampling the archaeological features and washing, marking and bagging up the finds. For the latter half of the week, we were joined by volunteers from Suffolk Mind. More Anglo-Saxon pit-like features, are in the process of being excavated, severalContinue reading “Week 4 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Week 3 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: animal bone and pottery which have been excavated from Rendlesham In week 3 our volunteers worked hard to continue excavating the archaeological features. They included 8 young volunteers from Suffolk Family Carers, aged 14-17. Throughout the week they all learnt how to excavate the archaeology, wash and process the finds. We also griddedContinue reading “Week 3 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Week 2 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: Volunteers excavating quadrants of a possible Anglo-Saxon hut. During week 2, we finished opening the remaining trenches with the machine. Before we could excavate the archaeological features, the trenches needed “cleaning”, this involved tidying the edges so they were neat and hoeing to remove any loose soil so that the features could beContinue reading “Week 2 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Week 1 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: Volunteers hand-digging a 2.5sqm test pit and sieving the soil for objects. The archaeological excavations at Rendlesham are now underway as we draw a close to the first week. With help from our very hard working volunteers we have made excellent progress. During the first week, we have been setting up the site,Continue reading “Week 1 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Uncovering Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham 2021

After lots of planning, we are excited that the first season of archaeological investigations are starting this summer at Rendlesham, as part of the Rendlesham Revealed project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. This August and September, archaeological excavations will focus on the wider Anglo-Saxon settlement at Rendlesham, with support from Cotswold Archaeology andContinue reading “Uncovering Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham 2021”

Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – West Stow

Featured Image: View of the Anglo-Saxon village. Source: West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and Museum Our final post on our blog series showcasing some of our favourite archaeology in Suffolk. This week as we end the series, we explore the fascinating Anglo-Saxon Village and Country Park at West Stow with Faye. Faye is a Senior ArchaeologicalContinue reading “Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – West Stow”