Fentons Farm – Roman life and death in Sicklesmere

Featured Image: archaeologists cleaning and recording burials on-site at Fentons Farm © Archaeology Solutions Ltd now Wardell Armstrong In 2017, archaeological excavations in Sicklesmere in the parish of Gt Whelnetham recorded an important and unusual Roman cemetery. The excavation site known as Fentons Farm is located to the south of the known Roman settlement atContinue reading “Fentons Farm – Roman life and death in Sicklesmere”

Erskine Lodge – Roman life and death in Sicklesmere

Featured Image: an enamelled cockerel brooch c.1st-2nd century recovered from a deliberate deposition layer within a former river channel © Allen Archaeology In 2018, archaeological excavations in Sicklesmere in the parish of Gt Whelnetham recorded evidence for significant Roman activity. The excavation site known as Erskine Lodge, is located at the western end of theContinue reading “Erskine Lodge – Roman life and death in Sicklesmere”

Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon settlement, Mildenhall Hub

Featured Image: Archaeologists at work, excavating Iron Age pits at the Mildenhall Hub site. © Cotswold Archaeology From 2016 to 2018, Cotswold Archaeology undertook a series of excavations ahead of the development of the Mildenhall Hub, now at Recreation Way. They have shown that the site, at the southwest edge of the town, was settledContinue reading “Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon settlement, Mildenhall Hub”

Roman Pottery Production, Lavenham

Featured Image: The upper vessels in the firing chamber of the Roman kiln © Archaeological Solutions ( now Wardell Armstrong) In 2019, archaeological excavation on the edge of Lavenham at Bears Lane revealed evidence of two phases of Roman activity dating from the 1st to 3rd Century AD, including well preserved evidence for pottery production.Continue reading “Roman Pottery Production, Lavenham”

Medieval Farmstead, Stowupland

Featured Image: aerial view of excavation area, looking north-east © Oxford Archaeology East In 2021, excavations revealed evidence of a medieval farmstead in Stowupland, south of Gipping Road. Oxford Archaeology East carried out a trial trench evaluation and excavation work ahead of a proposed residential development, which revealed a medieval farmstead consisting of field boundaryContinue reading “Medieval Farmstead, Stowupland”

Archaeological Excavations at Candlet Road, Felixstowe

Featured Image: view of excavation area, looking north. Prehistoric enclosure in the left foreground and the Roman enclosure in the right background © Archaeology South-East Archaeological excavations in Felixstowe have uncovered a multi-period site with remains dating to the prehistoric, Roman, and post-medieval periods. The on-site investigations were completed in January 2022 ahead of residentialContinue reading “Archaeological Excavations at Candlet Road, Felixstowe”

West Suffolk Prehistoric Landscapes Project

Featured image: Volunteer being trained in geophysical survey ©Past to Present Archaeology Recently, Past to Present Archaeology began a new research project to study the Bronze Age communities of Western Suffolk. Last summer, volunteers started the archaeological investigations near Bury St Edmunds. Rupert Birtwistle, our guest writer for this week and the project’s Director, tellsContinue reading “West Suffolk Prehistoric Landscapes Project”

Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit

Featured Image: excavating enclosure, aerial view © Pre-Construct Archaeology A site with prehistoric remains has been excavated on the edge of Woolpit ahead of a housing development. Excavations have revealed some interesting prehistoric archaeology at Woolpit. The earliest finds included struck flint tools, flint-working waste and ‘Mildenhall Ware’ pottery sherds, broadly dating to the EarlyContinue reading “Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit”

A multi-period site at Johnson’s Farm, Leiston

Featured Image: View north-west of the medieval farmstead complex © Pre-Construct Archaeology A multi-period site, with remains dating from the prehistoric to the post-medieval periods, has been excavated on the edge of Leiston ahead of a housing development. Although a number of Neolithic flints were found at the site, the earliest recorded archaeology was aContinue reading “A multi-period site at Johnson’s Farm, Leiston”

Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – West Stow

Featured Image: View of the Anglo-Saxon village. Source: West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and Museum Our final post on our blog series showcasing some of our favourite archaeology in Suffolk. This week as we end the series, we explore the fascinating Anglo-Saxon Village and Country Park at West Stow with Faye. Faye is a Senior ArchaeologicalContinue reading “Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – West Stow”