Finds Day, Ipswich Museum – February 2022

At the end of last month, our Finds Recording Team held a ‘Finds Day’ at Ipswich Museum. This was the first Finds Day we have been able to host since 2020 and it was terrific to be out and about in the county meeting people again! Finds Days are a great opportunity for members ofContinue reading “Finds Day, Ipswich Museum – February 2022”

Roman Empresses

Roman coins depicting elite Roman women were recovered from near Wenhaston by a local metal detector user in 2019. Ancient Rome was ruled by men. Under the first emperor Augustus (BC 27 – 14 AD), sweeping legal reforms prescribed expected female behaviours, promoting pietas (devotion) and pudicitia (modesty). Women had to live under the authority ofContinue reading “Roman Empresses”

Archaeological Excavations at Candlet Road, Felixstowe

Featured Image: view of excavation area, looking north. Prehistoric enclosure in the left foreground and the Roman enclosure in the right background © Archaeology South-East Archaeological excavations in Felixstowe have uncovered a multi-period site with remains dating to the prehistoric, Roman, and post-medieval periods. The on-site investigations were completed in January 2022 ahead of residentialContinue reading “Archaeological Excavations at Candlet Road, Felixstowe”

GPS Training, Rendlesham Revealed

Featured image: volunteers using the GPS in the field Last month, several volunteers were trained to use a GPS (Global Positioning System) device to set out a survey grid in south-east Suffolk, as part of the Rendlesham Revealed project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. A GPS is a very useful specialised device forContinue reading “GPS Training, Rendlesham Revealed”

An Iron Age Brooch, Cavendish

This complete Iron Age brooch was found by a local metal detector user near Cavendish in 2010. The brooch is decorated with a moulded leaf-shaped design and circular shaped motifs. The earliest brooches in Britain enter the archaeological record around 450 BC. This brooch type began to be produced around 400 BC and continued untilContinue reading “An Iron Age Brooch, Cavendish”

Late Saxon occupation, a medieval cemetery and post-medieval pits and industry at Fore Street, Ipswich

Featured Image: The possible sawyer’s pit, showing irregular post-holes close to the sides, which would have held posts supporting a plank lining, and central shallow ‘pits’ where the underdog would have placed his feet. © SCCAS This guest blog is written by Sue Anderson, a freelance archaeological specialist at Spoilheap Archaeology. Sue has been analysingContinue reading “Late Saxon occupation, a medieval cemetery and post-medieval pits and industry at Fore Street, Ipswich”

West Suffolk Prehistoric Landscapes Project

Featured image: Volunteer being trained in geophysical survey ©Past to Present Archaeology Recently, Past to Present Archaeology began a new research project to study the Bronze Age communities of Western Suffolk. Last summer, volunteers started the archaeological investigations near Bury St Edmunds. Rupert Birtwistle, our guest writer for this week and the project’s Director, tellsContinue reading “West Suffolk Prehistoric Landscapes Project”

Early Medieval lozengiform strip brooch, Ousden

This Early Medieval strip brooch was found by a local metal detector user near Ousden in 2020. Strip brooches are so named because they were made from a single piece of copper-alloy, a ‘strip’. They would have been worn as dress accessories. This brooch is almost complete, missing only the spring and pin. It consistsContinue reading “Early Medieval lozengiform strip brooch, Ousden”

Reconstructing the Sutton Hoo Ship

Featured image: Constructing the ship © Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company Over the past 6 years, volunteers at the Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company have been working on an experimental archaeology project to build a replica of the famous ship excavated at Sutton Hoo. David Keeble, our guest writer for this week and Volunteer Coordinator at theContinue reading “Reconstructing the Sutton Hoo Ship”

Rendlesham behind the scenes: finishing off the post-excavation processing

Featured image: volunteer counting and weighing finds by category. Here is another update on the post-excavation work, as part of the Rendlesham Revealed project. As the post-excavation work continued throughout December, the tasks were shared amongst our volunteers so that everyone had a chance to learn some new skills. Some of our volunteers have neverContinue reading “Rendlesham behind the scenes: finishing off the post-excavation processing”