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Volunteer counting and weighing the finds

Rendlesham behind the scenes: finishing off the post-excavation processing

Featured image: volunteer counting and weighing finds by category. Here is another update on the post-excavation work, as part of the Rendlesham Revealed project. As the post-excavation work continued throughout December, the tasks were shared amongst our volunteers so that everyone had a chance to learn some new skills. Some of our volunteers have neverContinue reading “Rendlesham behind the scenes: finishing off the post-excavation processing”

Aerial view of enclosure

Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit

Featured Image: excavating enclosure, aerial view © Pre-Construct Archaeology A site with prehistoric remains has been excavated on the edge of Woolpit ahead of a housing development. Excavations have revealed some interesting prehistoric archaeology at Woolpit. The earliest finds included struck flint tools, flint-working waste and ‘Mildenhall Ware’ pottery sherds, broadly dating to the EarlyContinue reading “Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit”

Two volunteers processing samples

Rendlesham behind the scenes: starting post-excavation processing

Featured image: Processing environmental samples to extract finds or ecofacts. Having finished the first season of excavations at Rendlesham this summer, our volunteers have started the post-excavation work on the excavated material at the Cotswold Archaeology warehouse in Needham Market, as part of our community archaeology project Rendlesham Revealed. The post-excavation process involves several differentContinue reading “Rendlesham behind the scenes: starting post-excavation processing”

digital microscope with soil sample

Soil Samples from Rendlesham. What happens next?

Featured image: a soil sample after being processed into a thin section and analysed through a digital microscope. Volunteers from Suffolk Mind visited the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at University of Cambridge to find out more about how archaeological samples are processed there, as part of our community archaeology project Rendlesham Revealed. A geoarchaeologyContinue reading “Soil Samples from Rendlesham. What happens next?”


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