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Week 5 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: volunteers from Rendlesham Primary School learning how to clean the finds During week 5 of the Rendlesham Revealed excavations, our hard-working volunteers continued to excavate and record the archaeology across the site. We have made excellent progress and have taken more samples for environmental analysis. Interesting finds this week included a spindle whorlContinue reading “Week 5 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Week 4 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: volunteers excavating a sunken-featured building Throughout week 4 our volunteers continued excavating, recording and sampling the archaeological features and washing, marking and bagging up the finds. For the latter half of the week, we were joined by volunteers from Suffolk Mind. More Anglo-Saxon pit-like features, are in the process of being excavated, severalContinue reading “Week 4 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

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Week 2 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: Volunteers excavating quadrants of a possible Anglo-Saxon hut. During week 2, we finished opening the remaining trenches with the machine. Before we could excavate the archaeological features, the trenches needed “cleaning”, this involved tidying the edges so they were neat and hoeing to remove any loose soil so that the features could beContinue reading “Week 2 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”


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