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close up black and white photo of basil excavating

Basil Brown: Beyond Sutton Hoo – “The Brown School of Archaeology”

In this fourth and final article in a series by guest writer, Sarah Doig, we learn about Basil’s passion for enthusing others, especially the younger generation, who wanted to help with the excavations and learn about archaeology. In each blog, Sarah draws on Basil Brown’s notebooks and other papers, the majority of which are heldContinue reading “Basil Brown: Beyond Sutton Hoo – “The Brown School of Archaeology””

The Hoxne Hoard

Featured Image: Gold and Silver coins from the Hoxne Hoard, © British Museum The Hoxne Hoard is one of the largest Roman treasure hoards ever to have been discovered in Britain. It consists of almost 15,000 coins and 200 other gold and silver objects buried in the 5th century AD. The Hoard was discovered byContinue reading “The Hoxne Hoard”

photograph of antler inkwell

Glass and Antler Inkwells from Staunch Meadow, Brandon

Seven internationally important Anglo-Saxon inkwells from the Middle Saxon settlement at Staunch Meadow, Brandon. Six of the inkwells are made from colourful glass and the remaining inkwell was carved from an antler tine (tip). Seven fragments of glass, belonging to six different inkwells were discovered during the excavations. These glass vessels were cylindrical in shapeContinue reading “Glass and Antler Inkwells from Staunch Meadow, Brandon”

close up of carriage inscription 1528

Garth Bungalow, Darsham

This abandoned bungalow hides a fascinating secret inside its walls – Victorian railway carriages were discovered when the bungalow was surveyed and recorded, before being demolished in 2007. The construction of ‘Garth’ bungalow looks normal from the outside – however it has walls made of Victorian railway carriages rather than bricks and mortar. Cottage ConstructionContinue reading “Garth Bungalow, Darsham”