Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – Wickham Market Iron Age hoard

Image of coins in vessel

Anna is a Finds Recording Officer and has been part of the Suffolk Finds Recording Team for the past 6 years. Her role is to record archaeological objects found by members of the public onto the Portable Antiquities Scheme database and to administer the reporting of Treasure.

My favourite Suffolk find is the Wickham Market Iron Age coin hoard because I have a particular interest in this period. The hoard was found in 2008 and a funded excavation was carried out by Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service, revealing that the coins had been deposited within a pottery vessel located inside an enclosure of possible religious or ritual function.

840 coins were found in total, the vast majority were produced locally between about 40 BC to AD 15. It remains the largest hoard of British Iron Age gold coins ever to be studied in its entirety, providing many insights into Suffolk’s economy during this period.

The hoard was acquired by Ipswich Museum after being declared Treasure where it is now on display.

View the record on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database.

Find Out More:

Further details about Ipswich Museum can be found online at ipswich.cimuseums.org.uk

Please note online booking is currently required for entry to the museum and admission is free.

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