Roman Empresses

Roman coins depicting elite Roman women were recovered from near Wenhaston by a local metal detector user in 2019. Ancient Rome was ruled by men. Under the first emperor Augustus (BC 27 – 14 AD), sweeping legal reforms prescribed expected female behaviours, promoting pietas (devotion) and pudicitia (modesty). Women had to live under the authority ofContinue reading “Roman Empresses”

Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – Wickham Market Iron Age hoard

Anna is a Finds Recording Officer and has been part of the Suffolk Finds Recording Team for the past 6 years. Her role is to record archaeological objects found by members of the public onto the Portable Antiquities Scheme database and to administer the reporting of Treasure. My favourite Suffolk find is the Wickham MarketContinue reading “Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – Wickham Market Iron Age hoard”