Bronze Age gold ‘penannular ring’, Aldringham cum Thorpe

Recovered by a metal detector user near Aldringham cum Thorpe, this artefact was recently declared treasure at an Inquest held in Suffolk. It is ‘penannular’, meaning that its shape is the form of an incomplete ring, with a small break in the circumference. The core metal of the object is copper alloy, plated with gold,Continue reading “Bronze Age gold ‘penannular ring’, Aldringham cum Thorpe”

The Hoxne Hoard

Featured Image: Gold and Silver coins from the Hoxne Hoard, © British Museum The Hoxne Hoard is one of the largest Roman treasure hoards ever to have been discovered in Britain. It consists of almost 15,000 coins and 200 other gold and silver objects buried in the 5th century AD. The Hoard was discovered byContinue reading “The Hoxne Hoard”

The Mystery of the Mildenhall Hoard

A joint project since 2015 with the British Museum to investigate the find spot of the famous Mildenhall Hoard. (Image: © Mildenhall and District Museum) Discovered in 1942 at West Row, this hoard of 34 late Roman silver dining vessels remains the largest of its kind ever discovered in Britain. The exact find spot ofContinue reading “The Mystery of the Mildenhall Hoard”