Recent Scientific Research on the Anglo-Saxon Burials at Staunch Meadow, Brandon

Featured image: Excavation west view of Church next to Cemetery 1. Brandon sits on the edge of fenland and Staunch Meadow occupies an island of windblown sand within the floodplain of the Little Ouse. Excavations during the 1980s revealed evidence of a settlement dating from the mid 7th to the late 9th centuries AD. TheContinue reading “Recent Scientific Research on the Anglo-Saxon Burials at Staunch Meadow, Brandon”

Figurative Animal Pin Heads, Staunch Meadow, Brandon

All the pins date to the 8th-9th Century AD. Some of the depictions on these pins are so abstract that the animal they represent remains a bit of a mystery. Found at the Anglo-Saxon monastic site at Staunch Meadow, Brandon, the three pins (Sf 2161, Sf 2163 and Sf 2297) have flat heads decorated withContinue reading “Figurative Animal Pin Heads, Staunch Meadow, Brandon”

Glass and Antler Inkwells from Staunch Meadow, Brandon

Seven internationally important Anglo-Saxon inkwells from the Middle Saxon settlement at Staunch Meadow, Brandon. Six of the inkwells are made from colourful glass and the remaining inkwell was carved from an antler tine (tip). Seven fragments of glass, belonging to six different inkwells were discovered during the excavations. These glass vessels were cylindrical in shapeContinue reading “Glass and Antler Inkwells from Staunch Meadow, Brandon”