Anglo-Saxon Boat burial, Snape

This boat burial (Grave 47) was excavated from an Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Snape. This burial belongs to a young, even adolescent, man and dates to the c. 6th Century AD. It is certain that the man was of high social standing despite his young age, as he was buried within a log boat adorned withContinue reading “Anglo-Saxon Boat burial, Snape”

Anglo-Saxon Burial, Snape

The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Snape has been investigated since 1862. With a range of burials, including cremations, inhumations and a ship burial, this cemetery provides a wealth of information on how Anglo-Saxons buried their people. People were being buried in this cemetery between the mid-6th century and the early 7th Century AD. This article focusesContinue reading “Anglo-Saxon Burial, Snape”