Week 2 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: Volunteers excavating quadrants of a possible Anglo-Saxon hut. During week 2, we finished opening the remaining trenches with the machine. Before we could excavate the archaeological features, the trenches needed “cleaning”, this involved tidying the edges so they were neat and hoeing to remove any loose soil so that the features could beContinue reading “Week 2 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Week 1 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham

Featured image: Volunteers hand-digging a 2.5sqm test pit and sieving the soil for objects. The archaeological excavations at Rendlesham are now underway as we draw a close to the first week. With help from our very hard working volunteers we have made excellent progress. During the first week, we have been setting up the site,Continue reading “Week 1 (2021) – The Excavations at Rendlesham”

Uncovering Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham 2021

After lots of planning, we are excited that the first season of archaeological investigations are starting this summer at Rendlesham, as part of the Rendlesham Revealed project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. This August and September, archaeological excavations will focus on the wider Anglo-Saxon settlement at Rendlesham, with support from Cotswold Archaeology andContinue reading “Uncovering Anglo-Saxon Rendlesham 2021”

Geoarchaeology Fieldwork at Rendlesham, 2021

What was the environment like in the past? Was the course of the river Deben different and was it navigable all the way up to Rendlesham?  These are very good questions and ones that we are hoping to answer as part of our community archaeology project Rendlesham Revealed. In June/July 2021, we conducted an augerContinue reading “Geoarchaeology Fieldwork at Rendlesham, 2021”

Walk in the footsteps of Anglo-Saxon Kings on new Suffolk countryside trail

A seven-mile walking trail just steps away from the county’s famous Sutton Hoo site, has been created in Suffolk’s Deben Valley revealing the hidden archaeological secrets of the area. Download the guide at heritage.suffolk.gov.uk/rendlesham Walkers will be transported back 1,500 years and experience the landscape once home to a long-lost Anglo-Saxon settlement at Rendlesham whereContinue reading “Walk in the footsteps of Anglo-Saxon Kings on new Suffolk countryside trail”

Geophysical Survey at Rendlesham

A geophysical survey was undertaken by volunteers to investigate the archaeology at Rendlesham, where there is a large Anglo-Saxon settlement – the aim was to see whether this activity extended into this new area. During a very cold week in January 2019, local volunteers joined the Archaeological Service in Rendlesham to learn how to conductContinue reading “Geophysical Survey at Rendlesham”

Fieldwalking Survey at Rendlesham

In 2019, the Archaeological Service and University of East Anglia conducted a fieldwalking survey with help from the local primary school to investigate the archaeology at Rendlesham. In April 2019, the Year 5 students at Rendlesham Primary School were asked to help the Archaeological Service with their archaeological investigations by taking part in a fieldwalkingContinue reading “Fieldwalking Survey at Rendlesham”

Rendlesham Revealed: Anglo-Saxon Life in South-East Sufolk

A new community archaeology project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, to uncover the hidden archaeology in the Deben valley in south-east Suffolk. The presence of an Anglo-Saxon royal settlement in the parish of Rendlesham was first recorded by The Venerable Bede, a Northumbrian monk writing in the 8th century AD. However, the exactContinue reading “Rendlesham Revealed: Anglo-Saxon Life in South-East Sufolk”