Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – Neolithic polished axehead

We continue with our blog series showcasing some of our favourite archaeology in Suffolk. Each week you’ll meet a member of the team who will share with you their favourite archaeological site to visit or favourite find. This week, Phils shares his favourite find. Phil is a Finds Recording Officer and has been part ofContinue reading “Our Favourite Archaeology in Suffolk – Neolithic polished axehead”

Research Dig at Freston’s Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure

In 2019, a team from the Freston Archaeological Research Mission investigated the Neolithic causewayed enclosure at Freston. They wanted to know more about the date of the site, what was happening there and what the local environment was like in the past. Dr Tristan Carter, our guest writer for this week, tells us all aboutContinue reading “Research Dig at Freston’s Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure”

Neolithic Grooved Ware Vessel, Foxhall

The vessel belongs to a widespread ceramic tradition called Grooved Ware that spanned Britain and Ireland during the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. This astonishingly complete vessel was recovered from a Neolithic pit on a site to the East of Foxhall Hall. The site was excavated in 1991 as part of a water purificationContinue reading “Neolithic Grooved Ware Vessel, Foxhall”

Neolithic Arrowhead, Sudbury

An Early or Middle Neolithic lead-shaped flint arrowhead probably dating c. 4000-3000 BC, found near the Sudbury area. The Neolithic period (or ‘New Stone Age’) is characterised in Britain by a number of processes that seem to appear from slightly before 4000 BC. In comparison to people of the preceding Mesolithic (‘Middle Stone Age’), peopleContinue reading “Neolithic Arrowhead, Sudbury”