Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon settlement, Mildenhall Hub

Featured Image: Archaeologists at work, excavating Iron Age pits at the Mildenhall Hub site. © Cotswold Archaeology From 2016 to 2018, Cotswold Archaeology undertook a series of excavations ahead of the development of the Mildenhall Hub, now at Recreation Way. They have shown that the site, at the southwest edge of the town, was settledContinue reading “Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon settlement, Mildenhall Hub”

Silver Siliqua of Julian II, Mildenhall

A silver siliqua struck for Emperor Julian II, dating from AD 360-361. The coin depicts on its obverse face the profile bust of Julian II facing right, accompanied by the legend FL CL IVLIAN-VS P P AVG. ‘P P’ is the abbreviated form of ‘Pater Patriae’, an honorific title given to most Emperors on takingContinue reading “Silver Siliqua of Julian II, Mildenhall”

Iron Age Bone Weaving Comb, Mildenhall

A weaving comb made of bone, dating to the Middle Iron Age (300-50 BC) . It was discovered in an Iron Age storage pit during excavations at Recreation Way, Mildenhall in 2010. The comb has been carved from a horse’s metapodial (cannon bone), it measures 15.9cm in length and 4cm in width. It still hasContinue reading “Iron Age Bone Weaving Comb, Mildenhall”

The Mystery of the Mildenhall Hoard

A joint project since 2015 with the British Museum to investigate the find spot of the famous Mildenhall Hoard. (Image: © Mildenhall and District Museum) Discovered in 1942 at West Row, this hoard of 34 late Roman silver dining vessels remains the largest of its kind ever discovered in Britain. The exact find spot ofContinue reading “The Mystery of the Mildenhall Hoard”