Flixton Park Quarry – circles, cemeteries and living with monuments

Featured Image: Post Hole Circle with internal structure after Excavation © Suffolk County Council Since 1995 Flixton Park Quarry has been subject to formal archaeological excavation under planning archaeological guidance, but before then there was virtually no archaeological record. In the first of a series of articles, we take a look at the significant discoveriesContinue reading “Flixton Park Quarry – circles, cemeteries and living with monuments”

The People Behind our Understanding of Suffolk’s Prehistoric Archaeology

Whilst working on the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Enhancement Project, our colleague Dr Hannah Cutler delved into the invaluable works from some of East Anglia’s most pioneering and influential figures in prehistoric archaeology in Suffolk. Here are just a few of the many key archaeologists Hannah has come across the most during her project. Nina LayardContinue reading “The People Behind our Understanding of Suffolk’s Prehistoric Archaeology”

Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Historic Environment Record Enhancement

The team in the Historic Environment Record (HER) are working on a project, funded by Historic England, to enhance the database with Palaeolithic and Mesolithic sites and find spots across Suffolk. Suffolk is one of the most important counties in England for Early Prehistoric archaeological remains (Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, 1 million years ago – 4000BC).Continue reading “Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Historic Environment Record Enhancement”