Rare 4,500 year old axe turns up at event in Lowestoft

Featured image: copyright Mick Howes Roman coins and a flint axe, discovered in Suffolk by members of the public, were the star finds at a recent archaeology event. The event, hosted by the Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service at Lowestoft Library on 25 March 2022, saw dozens of local residents bring their discoveries to findContinue reading “Rare 4,500 year old axe turns up at event in Lowestoft”

Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Oulton

A large Anglo-Saxon cemetery, dating back as early as the 6th Century, has been excavated near Oulton ahead of housing development. Over 200 sets of remains were discovered, with some graves containing copper-alloy brooches, wrist clasps, strings of beads made of amber and glass, small iron knives and silver pennies. The excavation of such cemeteriesContinue reading “Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Oulton”

Prehistoric Worked Flint Assemblage, Lowestoft

A large assemblage of worked flint artefacts dating from c.4000 – c.1500 BC. A large assemblage of worked flint artefacts were reported to the Suffolk Finds Recording Team at one of our regular finds days at Lowestoft Library. The artefacts were all of Neolithic to early Bronze Age (c.4000-c.1500 BC) date and were found inContinue reading “Prehistoric Worked Flint Assemblage, Lowestoft”