Roman Pottery, Long Melford

A selection of pottery recovered from a group of burials excavated at Long Melford Primary School in 2012. The site produced evidence of a small-scale settlement where craft production and crop cultivation were taking place. The pots are types of Roman table ware and date to the 1st-2nd century BC. Cremation 0254This decorated Samian wareContinue reading “Roman Pottery, Long Melford”

Roman Enamelled Hare Brooch, Long Melford

This delightful Roman enamelled hare brooch (SF1016) was excavated from the grave of a young woman, and dates to the 2nd Century AD. The grave was unearthed by groundworks in Long Melford during 2008. The brooch is 2.9cm long and only 0.15cm thick and depicts a running hare. The body of the hare has beenContinue reading “Roman Enamelled Hare Brooch, Long Melford”