Three Roman rabbit or hare brooches

This week we bring you three Roman brooches in the style of rabbits (or hares) recovered in Suffolk by local metal detector users. All three are known as ‘plate brooches’ because they are characterised by a flat plate, the front face of which is usually decorated with enamel inlay. These seem more decorative and lessContinue reading “Three Roman rabbit or hare brooches”

Roman Enamelled Hare Brooch, Long Melford

This delightful Roman enamelled hare brooch (SF1016) was excavated from the grave of a young woman, and dates to the 2nd Century AD. The grave was unearthed by groundworks in Long Melford during 2008. The brooch is 2.9cm long and only 0.15cm thick and depicts a running hare. The body of the hare has beenContinue reading “Roman Enamelled Hare Brooch, Long Melford”