Gaming Pieces, Exning

Seventeen gaming pieces were discovered in the grave of a female toddler (Grave 5) buried at the Exning Anglo-Saxon cemetery, dating to the late 6th to early 7th century AD. All but one of the pieces recovered from the grave were made from antler or animal bone. Four different styles of gaming piece were identified,Continue reading “Gaming Pieces, Exning”

Burial Assemblage from Barber’s Point, Friston

A community excavation at Barbers Point, Friston, revealed a burial belonging to a 16 year old Anglo-Saxon young woman. The burial, dating to AD 600, is part of a cemetery that was discovered at the site. What is remarkable about this particular grave was the deposition of an unusual assemblage of grave goods, including preservedContinue reading “Burial Assemblage from Barber’s Point, Friston”