Soil Micromorphology from Rendlesham – Excavations 2021

Featured image: Professor French taking soil samples. Professor Charles French is a professor of geoarchaeology at University of Cambridge, and the specialist advisor in environmental sampling for the Rendlesham Revealed project. Charly has completed the initial analysis of the environmental sampling taken from the Rendlesham excavations last summer. Charly is our guest writer this weekContinue reading “Soil Micromorphology from Rendlesham – Excavations 2021”

Soil Samples from Rendlesham. What happens next?

Featured image: a soil sample after being processed into a thin section and analysed through a digital microscope. Volunteers from Suffolk Mind visited the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at University of Cambridge to find out more about how archaeological samples are processed there, as part of our community archaeology project Rendlesham Revealed. A geoarchaeologyContinue reading “Soil Samples from Rendlesham. What happens next?”

Geoarchaeology Fieldwork at Rendlesham, 2021

What was the environment like in the past? Was the course of the river Deben different and was it navigable all the way up to Rendlesham?  These are very good questions and ones that we are hoping to answer as part of our community archaeology project Rendlesham Revealed. In June/July 2021, we conducted an augerContinue reading “Geoarchaeology Fieldwork at Rendlesham, 2021”