Roman Frog Figurine, Wixoe

A delightful Roman frog figurine was discovered at Water Hall Farm, Wixoe. The figurine was discovered whilst metal detecting in the 1980s by Mike Cuddeford who donated it to Suffolk County Council. Recent survey and excavations close by have revealed a substantial Roman settlement. The frog figurine is small in size; measuring only 3.6cm longContinue reading “Roman Frog Figurine, Wixoe”

Roman Figurine, Fressingfield

An incomplete copper-alloy Roman figurine of the god Mercury from the Fressingfield area, dating c. 43-410 AD. The figurine survives almost entirely complete, with only its head missing in an old break. We can identify this figure as Mercury due to the objects he is carrying. In his left hand he holds a caduceus (theContinue reading “Roman Figurine, Fressingfield”