Remains of medieval bridge, Eye Castle

Rare remains of 800-year-old bridge found near Eye Castle in Suffolk. The remains of a previously unknown medieval wooden bridge have been discovered at Eye, in the north of Suffolk. Experts believe the oak remains were part of the defences of Eye Castle, dating back as far as 1200 AD. The wood was in suchContinue reading “Remains of medieval bridge, Eye Castle”

Early Bronze Age Arrowheads, Eye

A pair of barbed and tanged flint arrowheads have been found near Eye. These arrowheads were recovered close to one another in 2020. They are flint barbed and tanged arrowheads, so named because of the distinctive flanking barbs and central tang on the proximal (bottom) end. Triangular-shaped, the edges and much of each face haveContinue reading “Early Bronze Age Arrowheads, Eye”

Silver Penny of Eadwald, Eye

An extremely rare silver hammered penny dating c. AD 796-798, struck for Eadwald, King of East Anglia found near Eye. This coin is only the second known example of its type – the first was discovered several years ago at Rendlesham, where there is evidence of an Anglo-Saxon royal settlement. The inscription on its obverseContinue reading “Silver Penny of Eadwald, Eye”

Figurine of the Virgin Mary, Eye

A medieval copper-alloy gilt figurine of the Virgin Mary dating c. 1380-1500, found in the Diss area. Prior to the English Reformation that swept away most elements of Catholicism from the 1530s to 1550s, visitors to churches would have seen painted murals, ornate stonework, icons, colourful vestments, stained glass, silver gilt communion sets, illuminated manuscriptsContinue reading “Figurine of the Virgin Mary, Eye”