Iron Age Brooch, Exning

An Iron Age copper-alloy bow brooch from Exning, dating c. 450-300 BC. This brooch is an “La Tene I” style brooch. The entire object has been cast in one piece, with a coiled spring at its top and a so-called ‘reverted’ foot that turns back on itself. This example is quite plain, demonstrating only someContinue reading “Iron Age Brooch, Exning”

Silver Penny of Alfred the Great, Exning

A base silver penny of Alfred the Great, dating c. AD 871-875 and found in the Exning area. The coin is of Alfred’s first issue, being made of a less pure silver than most other Anglo-Saxon pennies. The obverse depicts the diademed head of the king facing right, accompanied by the legend ‘AELBRED REX’ (Alfred,Continue reading “Silver Penny of Alfred the Great, Exning”

First World War Medal, Exning

A silver ‘British War Medal’ dating c. 1918-1920, awarded to one Private Harry Thomas Hogg of the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment, found in Exning. Over 6.5 million examples of this medal were manufactured, the vast majority in silver. At 36mm in diameter and at a weight of almost 30g, this is a large andContinue reading “First World War Medal, Exning”

Gaming Pieces, Exning

Seventeen gaming pieces were discovered in the grave of a female toddler (Grave 5) buried at the Exning Anglo-Saxon cemetery, dating to the late 6th to early 7th century AD. All but one of the pieces recovered from the grave were made from antler or animal bone. Four different styles of gaming piece were identified,Continue reading “Gaming Pieces, Exning”

Finds Assemblage, Long Melford

A selection of finds were discovered in a pit on a settlement site at Chapel House, Long Melford. The finds include: animal bone, pottery and a spearhead dating from the Late Iron Age to Early Roman period. The objects were likely to have been deposited in the pit just after the Roman Conquest. The socketedContinue reading “Finds Assemblage, Long Melford”

Anglo-Saxon Pendant, Exning

An Anglo-Saxon gold and garnet necklace from Grave 8 in a cemetery excavated at Exning. The surviving components of this necklace were a gold bead and a red garnet set into a gold pendant. Necklaces such as these are usually found in the graves of elite status women; this particular necklace was buried with aContinue reading “Anglo-Saxon Pendant, Exning”