An Early Bronze Age arm guard, Debenham

This month’s featured find is a Bronze Age wrist guard recovered by a local metal detector user in 2021. Made from sandstone, the object is broadly rectangular with bevelled edges. At either end are drilled circular holes to enable fixing to the wrist. The faces have been smoothed. Broadly linear striations on both faces areContinue reading “An Early Bronze Age arm guard, Debenham”

Iron Age Coin, Debenham

Late Iron Age solid gold stater struck by the tribes of East Anglia, dating to c. 50-20 BC, found in the Debenham area. This type of coin is referred to as a ‘Norfolk Wolf’, almost exclusively distributed within East Anglia. On the obverse there is a heavily stylised wreath, with a series of uncertain motifsContinue reading “Iron Age Coin, Debenham”