An Iron Age Brooch, Cavendish

This complete Iron Age brooch was found by a local metal detector user near Cavendish in 2010. The brooch is decorated with a moulded leaf-shaped design and circular shaped motifs. The earliest brooches in Britain enter the archaeological record around 450 BC. This brooch type began to be produced around 400 BC and continued untilContinue reading “An Iron Age Brooch, Cavendish”

Early Medieval lozengiform strip brooch, Ousden

This Early Medieval strip brooch was found by a local metal detector user near Ousden in 2020. Strip brooches are so named because they were made from a single piece of copper-alloy, a ‘strip’. They would have been worn as dress accessories. This brooch is almost complete, missing only the spring and pin. It consistsContinue reading “Early Medieval lozengiform strip brooch, Ousden”

Three Roman rabbit or hare brooches

This week we bring you three Roman brooches in the style of rabbits (or hares) recovered in Suffolk by local metal detector users. All three are known as ‘plate brooches’ because they are characterised by a flat plate, the front face of which is usually decorated with enamel inlay. These seem more decorative and lessContinue reading “Three Roman rabbit or hare brooches”

Roman brooch, Lackford

A copper-alloy Roman zoomorphic plate brooch, found near Lackford. This zoomorphic brooch was recovered by a local metal detector user earlier this year. The term ‘zoomorphic’ is used to signify animal representation. In this case, it is something of a misnomer because the creature is mythological. It is the ‘hippocamp’, coming from the Greek wordsContinue reading “Roman brooch, Lackford”

Top 10 Finds from Suffolk

1.5 million archaeological objects have been unearthed by the public and recorded through the national Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) – a staggering 81,750 of these were from Suffolk! To celebrate this monumental milestone, Anna and Riccardo from our Finds Recording Team have picked out their Top 10 favourite finds from Suffolk to share with you.Continue reading “Top 10 Finds from Suffolk”

Anglo-Saxon Brooch – Fragment Reunited, Blaxhall

A small copper-alloy fragment of an Early Medieval (Anglo-Saxon) cruciform brooch, dating to AD 500-600 and depicting a bird’s head, found near Blaxhall. The Finds Recording Team were excited to discover that this small fragment came from a brooch, which was found 20 years earlier! When looking for a parallel on the national Portable AntiquitiesContinue reading “Anglo-Saxon Brooch – Fragment Reunited, Blaxhall”

Anglo-Saxon ‘Ansate’ Brooch, Thurston

A copper alloy late Anglo-Saxon ‘ansate’ brooch, found near Thurston. It has two circular flat terminals connected by a low arched bow and engraved decoration on its outer face. This example is unusual because it seems to have had a composite construction unlike others of its type. These usually have a pin attached to theContinue reading “Anglo-Saxon ‘Ansate’ Brooch, Thurston”

Iron Age Brooch, Exning

An Iron Age copper-alloy bow brooch from Exning, dating c. 450-300 BC. This brooch is an “La Tene I” style brooch. The entire object has been cast in one piece, with a coiled spring at its top and a so-called ‘reverted’ foot that turns back on itself. This example is quite plain, demonstrating only someContinue reading “Iron Age Brooch, Exning”

Enamelled Roman Sandal Brooch, Pakenham

A delicate enamelled brooch in the shape of a Roman sandal or shoe sole, dating to AD 100-200. This brooch was found whilst metal detecting as a part of an excavation in the northern areas of Pakenham Roman small town. The excavations also revealed a high-status building with a hypocaust and possibly a bath house.Continue reading “Enamelled Roman Sandal Brooch, Pakenham”

Saxon Brooch Mould, Ipswich

A Saxon brooch mould (context 0512, SF 41/5003), excavated in the 1990s from Franciscan Way (Wolsey Street), Ipswich. This site sits on the edge of the Saxon settlement and was used for industrial activity during the 9th-12th Centuries AD; in the 13th Century AD the site became the location of the Greyfriars Franciscan Friary andContinue reading “Saxon Brooch Mould, Ipswich”