An Early Bronze Age arm guard, Debenham

This month’s featured find is a Bronze Age wrist guard recovered by a local metal detector user in 2021. Made from sandstone, the object is broadly rectangular with bevelled edges. At either end are drilled circular holes to enable fixing to the wrist. The faces have been smoothed. Broadly linear striations on both faces areContinue reading “An Early Bronze Age arm guard, Debenham”

West Suffolk Prehistoric Landscapes Project

Featured image: Volunteer being trained in geophysical survey ©Past to Present Archaeology Recently, Past to Present Archaeology began a new research project to study the Bronze Age communities of Western Suffolk. Last summer, volunteers started the archaeological investigations near Bury St Edmunds. Rupert Birtwistle, our guest writer for this week and the project’s Director, tellsContinue reading “West Suffolk Prehistoric Landscapes Project”

Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit

Featured Image: excavating enclosure, aerial view © Pre-Construct Archaeology A site with prehistoric remains has been excavated on the edge of Woolpit ahead of a housing development. Excavations have revealed some interesting prehistoric archaeology at Woolpit. The earliest finds included struck flint tools, flint-working waste and ‘Mildenhall Ware’ pottery sherds, broadly dating to the EarlyContinue reading “Discovering Prehistoric Woolpit”

Early Bronze Age Arrowheads, Eye

A pair of barbed and tanged flint arrowheads have been found near Eye. These arrowheads were recovered close to one another in 2020. They are flint barbed and tanged arrowheads, so named because of the distinctive flanking barbs and central tang on the proximal (bottom) end. Triangular-shaped, the edges and much of each face haveContinue reading “Early Bronze Age Arrowheads, Eye”

Top 10 Finds from Suffolk

1.5 million archaeological objects have been unearthed by the public and recorded through the national Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) – a staggering 81,750 of these were from Suffolk! To celebrate this monumental milestone, Anna and Riccardo from our Finds Recording Team have picked out their Top 10 favourite finds from Suffolk to share with you.Continue reading “Top 10 Finds from Suffolk”

Jet Necklace, Risby

Excavations of a tumulus at Barrow Bottom in 1975 revealed a jet necklace and bracelet in an Early Bronze Age burial. In addition to the jet beads, the burial also contained a bronze bead, a bronze awl, flint tools and an urn that may have contained a human cremation. There were a staggering 151 beadsContinue reading “Jet Necklace, Risby”

Bronze Age ‘Picardy’ type pin, Freckenham

A complete cast copper-alloy Picardy type pin dating to the Middle Bronze Age, c. 1400-1250 BC. One of the finest examples known and the third example found in Suffolk. The pin has a characteristic cup-shaped head, which may at one point have held an insert of perhaps amber or jet, and has a swollen neck withContinue reading “Bronze Age ‘Picardy’ type pin, Freckenham”