Burial Assemblage from Barber’s Point, Friston

A community excavation at Barbers Point, Friston, revealed a burial belonging to a 16 year old Anglo-Saxon young woman. The burial, dating to AD 600, is part of a cemetery that was discovered at the site. What is remarkable about this particular grave was the deposition of an unusual assemblage of grave goods, including preservedContinue reading “Burial Assemblage from Barber’s Point, Friston”

Enamelled Roman Sandal Brooch, Pakenham

A delicate enamelled brooch in the shape of a Roman sandal or shoe sole, dating to AD 100-200. This brooch was found whilst metal detecting as a part of an excavation in the northern areas of Pakenham Roman small town. The excavations also revealed a high-status building with a hypocaust and possibly a bath house.Continue reading “Enamelled Roman Sandal Brooch, Pakenham”

Neolithic Grooved Ware Vessel, Foxhall

The vessel belongs to a widespread ceramic tradition called Grooved Ware that spanned Britain and Ireland during the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. This astonishingly complete vessel was recovered from a Neolithic pit on a site to the East of Foxhall Hall. The site was excavated in 1991 as part of a water purificationContinue reading “Neolithic Grooved Ware Vessel, Foxhall”

Iron Age Bone Weaving Comb, Mildenhall

A weaving comb made of bone, dating to the Middle Iron Age (300-50 BC) . It was discovered in an Iron Age storage pit during excavations at Recreation Way, Mildenhall in 2010. The comb has been carved from a horse’s metapodial (cannon bone), it measures 15.9cm in length and 4cm in width. It still hasContinue reading “Iron Age Bone Weaving Comb, Mildenhall”

Zoomorphic strap end, Hartest

Almost complete zoomorphic strap end in the Winchester style dating c. 900-1100 AD, found in the Hartest area. This strap end is a particularly complete and impressive example decorated in this style. It is decorate with a central plant stem sprouting leaves to either side, sitting below which are a pair of birds with theirContinue reading “Zoomorphic strap end, Hartest”

Medieval Pilgrim’s Ampulla, Bacton

A small vessel discovered in the Bacton area, which survives completely intact. On each side of the vessel a single lug can be seen which originally would have allowed it to be suspended or worn around the neck, a feature which is missing on most ampullae discovered in ploughsoil. One side it is decorated withContinue reading “Medieval Pilgrim’s Ampulla, Bacton”

Medieval window glass, Bury St. Edmunds

974 fragments of medieval window glass were recovered during the excavations of St. Saviour’s Hospital in Bury St Edmunds. Many of the fragments were decorated with floral patterns or inscriptions. The window glass has been coloured in two ways: staining or painting. There are a large variety of colours including: blue, green, ruby and yellow.Continue reading “Medieval window glass, Bury St. Edmunds”

Three Steelyard Scales, Scole

Three sets of steelyard scales were discovered at the Roman Small Town of Scole on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. During the Roman period, steelyards were used to measure and weigh items through a balance mechanism. The diagram below shows a simple steelyard balance. The goods being weighed were placed in a container strung from the hookContinue reading “Three Steelyard Scales, Scole”

Jet Necklace, Risby

Excavations of a tumulus at Barrow Bottom in 1975 revealed a jet necklace and bracelet in an Early Bronze Age burial. In addition to the jet beads, the burial also contained a bronze bead, a bronze awl, flint tools and an urn that may have contained a human cremation. There were a staggering 151 beadsContinue reading “Jet Necklace, Risby”

Roman Frog Figurine, Wixoe

A delightful Roman frog figurine was discovered at Water Hall Farm, Wixoe. The figurine was discovered whilst metal detecting in the 1980s by Mike Cuddeford who donated it to Suffolk County Council. Recent survey and excavations close by have revealed a substantial Roman settlement. The frog figurine is small in size; measuring only 3.6cm longContinue reading “Roman Frog Figurine, Wixoe”