Garibaldi Jetton, Winston

front and back of jetton depicting Giuseppe Garibaldi

A copper-alloy jetton depicting Giuseppe Garibaldi, found near Winston.

This jetton commemorates the Italian general, Garibaldi, who was known as the “Hero of the Two Worlds”. He grew his international reputation as a liberal Republican revolutionary soldier fighting in South America. Garibaldi is best known for his contribution to the unification of Italy in 1861 and he fought in France in defence of the Republic in 1871.

This jetton found in Suffolk reminds us of the extraordinary popularity that Garibaldi had from the 19th century onwards. He was welcomed by the British people when he visited England in 1864; thousands of people crowded the streets to meet the man who had become a celebrity of his time. The famous Garibaldi biscuit was named after the general, as well as pubs, taverns and streets; figurines representing Garibaldi in various poses were produced in Staffordshire in the early 1860s and he appears on plates, cups and tankards.

Drawing of Garibaldi arriving at Stafford House in London
Garibaldi arriving at Stafford House in London 1864 (© Museum of London)

Visit the National Trust’s website to find out more here.

View the full record on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database

Thank you to the finder for allowing this object to be featured.

This find was recorded by the Suffolk Finds Recording Team, supported by the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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