Prehistoric Worked Flint Assemblage, Lowestoft

front, side and back of worked flint

A large assemblage of worked flint artefacts dating from c.4000 – c.1500 BC.

A large assemblage of worked flint artefacts were reported to the Suffolk Finds Recording Team at one of our regular finds days at Lowestoft Library. The artefacts were all of Neolithic to early Bronze Age (c.4000-c.1500 BC) date and were found in the Lowestoft area. Most of the assemblage was ‘debitage’ – the waste flakes left over from the flint-working (knapping) process.

However, the group also included this fine Neolithic ‘leaf-shaped’ arrowhead, which would have taken great skill to make by carefully pressing small flakes off both surfaces (note how thin the object is in profile).

View the full record on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database

Thank you to the finder for allowing this object to be featured.

This find was recorded by the Suffolk Finds Recording Team, supported by the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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