The Mystery of the Mildenhall Hoard

silver dishes, plates and spoons on display at Mildenhall museum

A joint project since 2015 with the British Museum to investigate the find spot of the famous Mildenhall Hoard. (Image: © Mildenhall and District Museum)

Discovered in 1942 at West Row, this hoard of 34 late Roman silver dining vessels remains the largest of its kind ever discovered in Britain.

The exact find spot of the hoard is a mystery and its context has never been systematically investigated. The Archaeology Team advised and worked alongside local volunteers from the Suffolk Archaeological Field Group and the Mildenhall Metal Detecting Club to conduct systematic geophysical and metal detecting surveys. So far they have revealed evidence for Roman buildings and discovered over 100 Roman coins and other artefacts, including a complete bronze bowl.

The results are currently being analysed and the final report will be available shortly.

Find out more about the Mildenhall hoard with audio, articles and links on our Suffolk Heritage Explorer publications page.

This collaborative project is funded by the British Museum, the Society of Antiquaries of London and the Roman Society.

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