Medieval Enamelled Buckle, Risby

medieval enamelled buckle front and back

A medieval enamelled buckle and plate, dating c. 1150-1250, found near Risby.

Ornate enamelled buckles and plates of this type are rare survivals. This buckle is probably a product of the then famous workshops at Limoges in France, widely known for their craft in creating both secular and liturgical enamelled metal items. The upper part of the buckle plate depicts a horned wyvern (two legged dragon) set against a background of blue enamel with its head turned right. Though damaged and heavily corroded, many of the finer details on this object survive relatively well as shown on the illustration.

illustration of medieval buckle
Illustration of the enamelled buckle and plate by Donna Wreathall (© SCCAS)

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Thank you to the finder for allowing this object to be featured.

This find was recorded by the Suffolk Finds Recording Team, supported by the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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